★ Insights Reports and Dashboards

Insights is a powerful reporting engine which drives your venue's reports and dashboards in VeneuOps. Our team will help develop reports and dashboards which meet your specific needs - see our Report and Dashboard Gallery for an introduction to what Insights can do. If your Insights Admin is familiar with SQL databases, Crystal Reports, or other database reporting software, you'll be able to build your own reports and dashboards as well — contact us to schedule a demo of our reporting tool.

Adding the Insights Admin Role

The Insights Admin role must be added by our Client Success team — the sys admin on your account can contact us to have it added to the users they wish. There is no limit to the number of users who can have this role, but since this gives users access to edit reports/dashboards we recommend only giving it to key users on your account.

Accessing the Insights Admin Section

Having the Insights Admin role gives you access to the Insights Admin section. To access it, click the gear icon on either the reports page:

Or in the upper-right corner of the dashboards page:

You may also click your name in the upper-left corner and select Insights Admin.

Insights Admin Functionality

In the Insights Admin section you can see:

  • How many viewers a report/dashboard has (click the name and select Set Viewers to see the viewers).
  • How many times the report/dashboard has been run, when it was last run, and who ran it.
  • When a report/dashboard was created and modified, and by who. If the creator/modifier was System, that's the EB Client Success team.

Clicking the name of a report/dashboard allows you to:

  • Preview: Preview the report/dashboard and export it to the format of your choosing
  • Design: Edit the report/dashboard
  • Edit Info: Edit the name or description of the report/dashboard
  • Set Viewers: Share the report/dashboard with users
  • Delete: Delete the report/dashboard

You can also create a new report or dashboard by clicking the plus at the top of the page. If you are interested in building your own reports or dashboards, please contact us for a demo of our reporting tool.

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