Editing an Invoice

An invoice can be edited on either the account or event financials tab. On the financials tab:

  1. Click an invoice to open its details slider.
  2. Click the more info menu and select Edit.
    If you don't see the Edit option, the invoice has been sent. A user with the Accounts Receivable role must mark it as not sent before you will be able to edit it.
  3. In the slider, edit the invoice information as needed. You may:
    • Update the billing contact, due date, or invoice template.
    • Add or remove events to/from this invoice (click Select Events).
    • Add or remove charges to/from this invoice (under the event name, click X charges selected).
    • Allocate, change the allocation, or remove credits or payments from the invoice (click Select Credits or Select Payments). If Select Credits or Select Payments does not display in the slider, there are no available credits or payments on the account.
    You may not edit the billing account. If the invoice was created using the wrong account, it will need to be removed and created with the correct account.
  4. When you have completed all edits, click Save.
  5. Your changes will be saved and the invoice document will be regenerated.

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