Update Invoice Status: Send/Mark as Sent

Permissions needed: Mark Invoices Sent

Invoices are created with a status of Not Sent. This can be considered a pro-forma or draft status, where the invoice and its items can still be updated and changed. Changing details relating to the charges on a Not Sent invoice will prompt a notification that the invoice is out of date and should be refreshed.

When the invoice is considered final, it should be sent to the customer or its status manually changed to Sent in order to lock the Invoice to protect it from further changes. When an invoice is marked as Sent:

  • Charges (items and rental rates) are locked.
  • Discounts on invoiced charges cannot be edited.
  • Adjustments cannot be edited or removed.
  • Functions containing invoiced charges cannot be removed.

This preserves the charges in the state they were in when the invoice was sent. We also log the invoice being marked as sent in the account's activity log.

Notes on deposit invoices:

  • Deposit invoices do not bill for charges. Marking a deposit invoice as sent will not prevent you from updating the charges as needed to execute the event.
  • It is especially important to lock percentage deposit invoices. Locking deposit invoices will force staff to allocate payments from the payment rather than by editing the invoice. If a percentage deposit invoice is edited after additional event detailing has happened, the balance could update and it may not be paid in full.

There are two ways to update invoice status:

Both actions are taken from the invoice details slider, which can be accessed in several places:

  • On the account Financials tab
  • On the event Financials > Invoices tab
  • From the the Aging Report

Send an Invoice from VenueOps

To send an invoice:

  1. Click an invoice to open its details slider.
  2. In the details slider, click the mail envelope icon.
  3. In the Send Invoice slider, click in the Recipient field. A list of all contacts on the account that have email addresses will be listed. Select the recipient(s).
  4. Send a copy to me will be checked by default. We recommend leaving this checked - you will be cc'd on the email and have a copy for your records.
  5. Add a subject. This will appear in the subject line of the email.
  6. Add a message. This will be the body of the email.
  7. When all information is complete, click Send.
  8. The invoice will be sent.

Mark an Invoice as Sent

  1. Click an invoice to open its details slider.
  2. In the header, click the more_vert more info menu.
  3. Select Change Status to 'Sent'.

Sent Invoices

The invoice now has a Sent status:

We log that the invoice was sent in the account's activity log:

Any items billed on this invoice will be locked:

Any rental rates billed on this invoice will be locked: