If an account has overpaid for an event, you are able to issue a refund. To issue a refund, you will:

  • Create an account credit from the balance of the unallocated payment.
  • Generate and send the client a refund memo.
  • Zero out the credit and add a note that it was refunded.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Click the payment to open the payment's details slider.
  2. Under the unallocated amount, click Create account credit.
  3. Confirm the date and amount are correct, and add a note that the payment is to be refunded.
  4. When all information is correct, click Add.
    This cannot be undone! If in the future the credit is removed, the payment will not and cannot be updated, and this balance will not be added back to the account.
  5. Click the credit to open its details slider.
  6. Click the download icon and select the refund document template.
    If your account does not have a refund template, please contact us to have one added.
  7. The document will be downloaded to your local computer. We recommend uploading this document to the account's documents tab to ensure that you have a record of the refund.
  8. Send the refund document to your client either from your local computer or by clicking the send icon in the credit's details slider and sending it through VenueOps.
  9. In the credit details slider, click the pencil icon to edit the credit.
  10. Update the credit's note to reflect that it has now been refunded.
  11. Update the amount of the credit to $0 to reflect that it has been refunded.
  12. Click Save.
  13. The payment and credit will both show no balance available for allocation.

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