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If an account has overpaid for an event, you are able to issue a refund. This is done via the event's invoice. Since creating a refund is done via invoices, you will need to have the Edit Invoice permission in order to do this.

To issue a refund:

  1. Allocate the entire payment or credit (including the amount you wish to refund) to the event invoice.
    You will need to type the amount into the allocation field; clicking the blue arrow will only allocate the payment up to the invoice balance.
    Below is the Edit Invoice slider, but you can also do this via the payment or credit itself (see this article for more information about allocating payments and credits and where you can do that).
  2. Go to the invoice with the overallocated payment and open its details slider. Click Create Refund. All invoices with a negative balance will have the Create Refund button.
  3. The Create Refund slider will open.
    • Today's date and the amount which was overpaid will be filled in. You can update these as needed.
    • You can also add a reference number or note.
    • If your account has refund types, you will be required to select one. Please see this article for more information.
  4. When all information is correct, click Save.
  5. The refund will be listed on the invoice's details slider.
  6. The refund will also display on the event's Financials > Payments tab as well as the account's Financials tab.
  7. The top of the invoice's details slider will say Invoice is out of date. Please update this invoice. Click the warning to regenerate the invoice document so it can be downloaded or sent to your client.

We recommend creating refunds via the above workflow; this will allow you to document the refund for your client. You are also able to click the plus by the Refunds section on either the account's Financials tab or the event's Financials > Payments tab to create an ad hoc refund. This will record in VenueOps that a refund was issued, but this method does not allow you to produce a refund memo or other document to send to your client. Creating an ad hoc refund requires Edit Payments and Credits permission.