Using Dashboards

This article will walk you through:

This article assumes that Insights has been enabled for your account. If it has not, or you need help getting custom dashboards built, please contact our Client Success team.

Viewing a Dashboard

  1. Click Dashboard on the left.
  2. Click Change Dashboard.
  3. Click the dashboard you want to view.
If you don't see any dashboards, the most likely cause is that you have not been set as a viewer for any of them. A user with the Insights Admin role will need to add you.

Setting Dashboard Parameters

Some dashboards require certain parameters to be set in order to give a meaningful overview of your data. Those dashboards will have the parameters icon in the upper-right. Click this icon to enter the needed parameters.

The parameters can be anything from simply a start and end date... what information to include... financial goals.

When the parameters have been set, click Submit.

The dashboard will now display with those parameters.

Using Panel Options

Individual panels on a dashboard can have their own options and settings. These are represented by icons in the upper-right of applicable panels. Some examples are:

  • Maximize: enlarge the panel to get a closer look at its data. Click the restore icon to return it to its normal size.
  • Select Date Time Period: set a start and end date for the data in the panel.
  • Values: select which values are being used for a chart or graph.

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