Editing a Credit

To edit a credit:

  1. Go to the credits section on either:
    • Account details page > Financials.
    • Event details page > Financials > Payments.
  2. Click the credit you want to edit to open its details slider.
  3. In the details slider, click the edit pencil icon.
  4. Edit the credit information:
    • Credit date
    • Credit amount
    • Credit type (if your account has credit types added)
    • Any notes about the credit (optional)
  5. In the Events section, you will be able to associate the credit with an event.
    1. Click the edit pencil icon to open the Events slider.
    2. Type in the event name to search for your event and select it. Note that only events associated with the credit's account will appear.
    3. Click Save.
  6. If the account has any invoices with a balance due, the invoices will be listed. Click the blue arrow to allocate the credit up to the invoice balance, or type in the amount you would like to allocate towards each invoice.
  7. Once your edits are complete, click Save.

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