Uploading a Contact Using the Outlook Add-In

This article will walk you through uploading a contact to VenueOps using the Outlook add-in. If you have not yet installed the Outlook add-in, please see the Installing the Outlook Add-In article.

  1. Open the upload contact slider in Outlook. This will be slightly different depending on whether you are using Outlook for the web or installed on your computer.
    1. Open the email with the contact you want to upload.
    2. Click the more options icon.
    3. Click VenueOps.
    4. Click Upload Contact.
    1. Open the email with the contact you want to upload.
    2. Click Upload Contact.
  2. The contact's name and email address will be automatically filled in. You can change either of those, as well as add a phone number.
  3. You can select either an existing account or create a new one:
    • Existing Account:
      1. Begin typing an account name to bring up a list of accounts matching what you've typed.
      2. Click the account the contact should be added to.
    • New Account:
      1. Type the name of the account, then click away from the field.
      2. Click Create 'Account Name'.
      3. Select the account's lead source.
      4. Select the account's market segment.
      5. Enter the account's address. (Optional)
  4. When all information has been entered as desired, click Upload.

Your contact has been upload and will now appear in VenueOps.

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