Using Search

  1. Click search Search.
  2. The search slider will open. Recently viewed events, accounts, and contacts will be displayed in the order you viewed them, grouped by type, with the most recent listed first. By default, all search result types are selected except functions.
  3. Click into the filters field to choose the types of results you would like to appear when searching. Inactive will include cancelled or lost events, inactive accounts, etc.
  4. Type a search term into the search field. You can search for:
    • Accounts by name
    • Contacts by name
    • Events by name or ID
    • Functions by name or ID
    • Tasks by name
    • Event orders by ID
    • Invoices by invoice number
  5. Your search results will be grouped by type. You can change how many results show on each page of each result type and navigate between pages with the arrows.

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