Why can't I edit anything?!

If your event's details page has most of the buttons and icons that allow editing gone, the event is most likely finalized. Finalizing an event's financials locks it down to only allow the most basic information to be updated.

If you need to update something that has been locked down, you will first need to un-finalize the event.

Because the action of finalizing an event is usually a key part of the financial workflow (often notifying the finance team), be sure that you are following the appropriate workflow policies and that the appropriate people are notified before you un-finalize or re-finalize an event.

To do so:

  1. Click Financials.
  2. Click Summary.
  3. Click the more_vert more options icon.
  4. Click Un-Finalize Event.

The event's information can now be updated again.

The activity log records whenever an event is finalized or un-finalized. For more information, please see:

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