Set Default Visibility for Events

Permissions needed: Event Visibility Settings > Edit

This article will walk you through setting default visibility settings for your events and series — this setting is only for users who can book events. Note that this will only affect events created by you; other users will need to set their own defaults.

  1. Click your name in the upper-left corner.
  2. Click My Settings.
  3. Click the edit pencil icon next to Event Defaults.
  4. Check the options you want on by default:
    • Hide event details: Users without the View Hidden Event Details permission will only be able to see that an event exists, its date/time, spaces booked, event type, status, contract status, and creator. The name, financials, and other sensitive information will be hidden.
    • Show name on avails (if confirmed): Instead of displaying as "Confirmed Event" or their event types, confirmed events with this setting will display their names on Avails. (If Hide event details is turned on for an event, it will override this setting.)
    For more in-depth information about and examples of these settings, please see the Visibility Settings for Bookers article.
  5. Once you have selected your desired defaults, click Save.

Whenever you open the add event or add series sliders, your default visibility settings will already be set.