How is Event Revenue Calculated?

Event revenue is calculated based on the event's rental rates, items, and additional revenue. Items include food and beverage, any kind of event service, and labor — anything which is charged to the client.

Additional revenue which does not come from the client (such as ticket sales or parking) can be added on the event's financials tab.

Charges and additional revenue are then allocated to your revenue streams. Revenue streams are added by your account admin during the onboarding process (see this article). While a revenue stream is chosen for additional revenue when it is added to the event, item charges are allocated based on the revenue stream assigned in the inventory library and rental rates are allocated based on the revenue stream assigned to the room.

A profit/loss overview is available for each event on the Financials > Summary tab. More detailed revenue reporting is available via Insights reports and dashboards. Contact us and we will work with you to build a customized report for your account!

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