Creating an Account

  1. Click people Accounts on the left.
  2. Click the + add icon in the upper-right.
  3. On the Create Account slider:
    1. Type the name of the account.
    2. Type the name of a contact for the account. You can optionally add a phone number and email address for that contact.
    3. Select a lead source.
    4. Select a market segment.
    5. If this account is a subsidiary of another, set its Parent Account field to add it to its proper account hierarchy. Begin typing the name of the parent account to bring up a list of suggestions. Click the appropriate account to select it.
      • You cannot add an account using this field. If the parent account has not been added yet, you can update this account once its parent is added.
      • For more information about account and contact hierarchies, please see the full article.
    6. If the account is tax exempt, check Tax Exempt.
    7. Type an address. (Optional)
    8. Type a website address. (Optional)
      Note: The website address must begin with either http:// or https://.
    9. Type a description. (Optional)
  4. Once all the desired information is added for the account, click Save.

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