Creating a Contact

  1. Click person Contacts on the left.
  2. Click the + add icon in the upper-right.
  3. Add an account for your new contact to be in.
    1. Start typing the name of the account. As you type, a list of suggested accounts will pop up.
    2. Click the appropriate account from the suggestions to select it.
    1. Type the name of the account.
    2. Click Create '[Account Name]'.
    3. The fields for account information will appear. The account's lead source and market segment are required, but an address is not. You can also set whether or not the account is tax exempt.
  4. Type the name of the contact.
    All information other than the contact's account and name are optional. After this step, you can click Save at the bottom of the slider if no more information is needed for this contact.
  5. Type the contact's title.
  6. Type the contact's email address.
  7. Type the contact's phone number.
  8. Set who this contact reports to. This will allow you to build hierarchies of your contacts that you can refer to later. Begin typing the name of the contact's manager to bring up a list of suggestions. Each contact will be listed with the account they are in for additional context and in case of shared or similar names. Click the appropriate contact to select it.
    • You cannot add a contact using this field. If the contact's manager has not been added yet, you can update this contact once he or she has been added.
    • For more information about account and contact hierarchies, please see the full article.
  9. Type a short bio/note about the contact.
  10. Type an address for the contact.
  11. Once all the desired information is added for the contact, click Save.

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