Editing Account Information

To edit an account's name and other basic information:

  1. Go to the account's details page.
  2. Click the edit pencil icon next to General Information to open the Edit Info slider.
  3. In the slider, you can:
    1. Update the account's name, account ID, tax ID, lead source, and market segment.
    2. Update the email addresses and phone numbers for the account. Click the + add icon next to the primary email/phone to add as many secondary emails/phones as needed or the X remove icon to remove them. Clicking Set Primary next to a secondary email/phone will make it the primary. If your VenueOps account has email and phone types set up, you can update those, as well. For more information about email and phone types, please see Managing Email and Phone Types.
    3. Add, update or remove the parent account.
      • To add or update, begin typing the name of the parent account to bring up a list of suggestions. Click the appropriate account to select it.
      • To remove, click the X remove icon.
      • You cannot create an account using this field. If the parent account has not been added yet, you will need to create it first, then return here to add it as this account's parent.
      • For more information about account and contact hierarchies, please see Account and Contact Hierarchies.
    4. Add, update, or remove the account manager.
      • To add or update, click the field to open a list of the users in your VenueOps account. Find and click the appropriate user.
      • To remove, click the X remove icon.
    5. Update whether or not the account is tax exempt.
    6. Add, update, or remove the account's address.
    7. Update the website address and description.
      Note: The website address must begin with either http:// or https://.
    8. Update whether or not invoices created for this account should all have purchase order numbers. For more information, please see Flagging an Account as Requiring a Purchase Order Number.
  4. When you are done updating the account's information, click Save.

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