Discounting Items

You are able to discount specific items on events, such as a rental discount or an F&B discount. To discount items, they'll first have to be added to the event (see this article for instructions about adding items). Once the items have been added:

  1. Go to the event's Financials > Details tab and click the + plus by Discounts.
  2. In the Add Discount slider, add the discount information:
    1. Add a description. This description may display on your document templates depending on how they are configured.
    2. Choose whether the discount is a percentage or flat discount.
    3. Enter the rate or amount of the discount.
    4. If the client should be charged tax on the full, non-discounted amount, check Is Discount Taxable?. If they should only be charged tax on the amount they are paying, leave it as is.
  3. Click Select Charges to Discount.
  4. In the Select Charges slider, select the charges you wish to discount. To make selecting certain charges easier, you may group the charges by date or department. Items will note their function (or event-wide details). Rental rates will note their usage.
  5. Be careful! The discount will be applied to all the items you choose. If you choose a flat discount and then apply it to multiple items, each of those items will be discounted by that amount.
  6. When you have selected all charges to discount, click Select.
  7. When you have entered all information and selected charges, click Save.
  8. The discount will be added.

    It will be reflected in the item charges summary... well as in the event totals on the Summary tab.

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