How are events ordered on the calendar?

When multiple events are on the same day, it's important that they display in a helpful, logical way. Events are sorted by their:

  1. Status
    1. Definite Blackouts
    2. Definite Events (including internal)
    3. Tentative Blackouts
    4. Tentative Events / Holds (including internal)
    5. Prospects
  2. Start time (all-day events first)
    On the month calendar and the grid calendar when in spanning mode, events are sorted by the overall event time (first start/last end). On the grid view in single day mode and day view, each block represents a booked space and is sorted by that booked space's time.
  3. Tentative rank (if applicable)
  4. End time
  5. If all of the above information is the same, the events are ordered alphabetically by name.