Add Rental Rates to Events

Permissions needed: Rental Rates > Edit
  1. On the event details page, go to Booking > Rental Rates.
  2. Add a price schedule to the event, if needed. See Add a Price Schedule to an Event for detailed instructions.
    All rental rates on the event must come from the same price schedule.
  3. Click Set Rental Rates to open the Rental Rates slider.
  4. If more than one price schedule on the event has rental rates, click in the Price Schedule field to select the one you wish to use. If there is only one price schedule on the event with rental rates, this field will not appear.
  5. A rental rate will be listed for each booked space. Some general information about the slider and the information in it:
    1. If the booked space's room has rates in the event's price schedule, the rental rate will be added to the event.
      • The rate type will default to the rate listed first in the price schedule. The rates can be sorted so that the most-used rate is at the top.
      • The rate in the price schedule will be auto-filled.
      • The quantity will reflect the rate's unit:
        • Day will default to one.
          Because there is one booked space for each room for each day of the event, by default there will be one rental rate for each room for each day of the event. If you would prefer to have one rental rate which charges for multiple days, update the Day rate quantity to the number of days, then click the X to remove the rental rates for the other days.
        • Hour will default to the number of hours for which the room is booked.
        • Area will default to the room's area (as set in System Admin).
      • The price will be the rate multiplied by the quantity.
      • If you do not wish to bill a client for a particular booked space, click the X by the rate to remove it.
    2. If there is no rate in the price schedule for the booked space's room, a rental rate will not be added. Rates which are not added will not be listed on event documents. If you would like to add a rental rate for this booked space to the event, click the + in the rate's far right column . You'll then be able to add a rate type, rate, and quantity.
  6. Before we get to the editing instructions, note that if you make changes to a rate that you don't want to save, click the undo undo arrow to restore the rate to view only with its original information. If all rates are in edit mode, there will be a red Undo All button in the header row. You will need to undo before you click Save!
  7. To edit a single rate or to edit one rate at a time:
    1. Click a row to switch it from view to edit mode. (The edit pencil icon is there to show it can be edited, but you can click anywhere on the row to begin editing.) When editing a rental rate, you can use the Tab key to move through its fields. If you Tab to the next rental rate, it will automatically switch to edit mode.
    2. Select a different rate type to change the rate you will be charging (weekday vs. weekend rate, daily vs. hourly rate, etc.).
      For more information about rate types, please see Manage Rental Rates.
    3. Update the rate. The price will adjust accordingly.
    4. Update the quantity. The price will adjust accordingly.
    5. Update the price directly. The rate will adjust accordingly.
    6. Add a note for each specific space (e.g. if a meeting room includes a certain media setup, you can note it here).
  8. To edit multiple rental rates:
    • To edit all the rates, click the edit all icon to change all visible rental rates to edit mode. If more than 100 rental rates are visible, the edit all icon won't display.
    • To edit specific rates:
      1. Use the search field in the upper right to only display those rates. You can search by usage, rate type, rate, and note in addition to room and booked space description. This allows you to display just your load in days or only certain rooms (for example).
      2. Once multiple rates are in edit mode, click the library_add_check batch edit icon in the header by the column you wish to update.
      3. Select or add the value you wish to add to all the rental rates in edit mode and click Fill.
        If you select a rate type, that rate type will only be applied to rooms which have that rate type in the price schedule. If a room does not have that same rate type in the price schedule, it will keep its original one.
      4. Click Save in the lower-left corner of the slider to save your changes and return those rates to view only mode. You'll want to do this before you update your search terms and do more bulk edits! Rental rates that have been switched to edit mode will always display, even if they don't match the search term.
  9. Once you are finished updating the rental rates, click Save & Close.

If any changes are made to an event's booked spaces, warnings that the rental rates are outdated will appear on this page. To clear this warning, click the edit pencil to open the rental rates slider. Confirm that the rental rates are correct or make any updates needed then click Save & Close. If you've changed the date or time of a booked space, the new date/time will not appear on its rental rate until you've re-saved the rates.