Adding a User

As a system admin, you are able to add users and update their roles. An unlimited number of users is included in your VenueOps account.

To add a user:

  1. Click your name in the upper-left.
  2. Click System Admin.
  3. Click person Users on the left.
  4. Click the blue-circled + add icon to open the Create User slider.
  5. In the slider:
    • Type the user's name.
    • Type the user's email address. Because this is used to log in, each user must have a unique email address.
    • Assign roles to the user. More information about each role is available here.
      • Click the System Roles field for the System Admin and Insights Admin options. (Insights Admin will be disabled. If you would like a user to have the Insights Admin role, contact Client Success by phone at +1.865.966.4900 or by email at
      • Click the field for a role to select the venues that the user should have that role in.
  6. When you're done selecting the user's roles, click Save.
  7. Click Send Activation Email. If this user is a new employee, be sure their email account is up and running before you send the activation email or it will bounce. If this employee leaves the venue before they activate their account, be sure to click Deactivate. This will invalidate the link in the email so that the account cannot be activated.
  8. Your new user will receive an email shortly. They should click Finish Account Setup to be directed to the page to set a password and activate their account. They can then sign in to VenueOps!
    If the account has already been set up or deactivated, the link will instead lead to the login page.

In your user list, users who have not activated their accounts yet are marked as Pending, and users whose accounts have been inactivated and their access to VenueOps removed are crossed out.

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