Edit Rental Rates on Events

To edit rental rates for an event:

  1. On the event details page, go to Booking > Rental Rates.
  2. Click the edit pencil by Rental Rates to open the Rental Rates slider.
  3. Edit your rental rates as needed. Some notes:
    • If you've changed a booked space's date or room, those changes will not be reflected in your rental rates until you open the slider and save.
    • If you change the rate type, the rate amount will update to the default rate in the price schedule, and the quantity will update to the default for the rate type (one for day, number of hours booked for hourly, area for area). The price will then update to reflect those new values.
  4. If you've changed the number of hours a room was booked for and would like that change reflected in the rental rates, click Update Quantities in the lower-right corner.
  5. If you've added additional rooms to the event, you will need to add rates for those rooms; there will be a warning in the lower-right corner that there are rooms without rates. Click the plus in the header row to add all the rooms with one click, or click the plus by each row to add them individually. You can sort the rates by date, time, room, or usage to group your additions together for easier editing.
  6. When your edits are complete, click Save. Any proposals, contracts, or invoices using these rental rates must be regenerated to reflect these changes. If you had discounted rental rates, be sure to check the discounts to ensure they are still properly applied.

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