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Add a Room

System roles needed: System Admin
  1. Click your name in the upper-left.
  2. Click System Admin.
  3. Click meeting_room Rooms in the left sidebar.
  4. There will be an + add icon for each venue and room group. Click an + add icon to open the create room slider.
  5. In the create room slider:
    • Add the name of the room.
    • Select a revenue stream from the dropdown. Revenue streams may be added in the Account section of the Admin console. For more information, please see Manage Revenue Streams.
    • The venue dropdown will default to whichever venue you clicked the + add icon for. You can select a different venue, if needed.
    • If you would like to organize the spaces in your venue, you may assign them to a group. Type the name of your group (e.g. "Meeting Rooms" or "First Level"). If the group exists, it will appear in a dropdown for you to select. If it does not exist, you will be given the option to create it.
      Note: If you clicked the + add icon for a group, this field will default to that group.
    • Enter the capacity of the room (optional). Because a room's capacity may vary based on setup, we recommend entering the maximum "fire marshal" capacity of the room.
    • Enter the area (optional). This is the area of the room in square feet or meters. Your venue may want to charge rental rates based on the size of the room or incorporate this into reports.
    • Enter an item code (optional). For example, your staff may need to include item codes on your rooms to comply with financial regulations or for other tracking or reporting purposes.
    • Is this room a combination of smaller bookable spaces? If so, check Combo Room. The Sub-rooms field will appear, allowing you to select the rooms which are a part of this combo.
      Note: If you haven't added the sub-rooms yet, uncheck Combo Room and save. Once you have created the smaller spaces, you can then update the room to be a combo.
  6. When you're done entering the room's information, click Save and Add Another.
  7. Save and Add Another allows you to add a series of similar rooms (such as meeting rooms) without having to re-enter information. When you don't have any additional rooms to add, click Cancel to close the slider.