Adding a Room

As a System Admin, you are able to add rooms to your venue. To add a room to your venue:

  1. Click your name in the upper-left.
  2. Click System Admin.
  3. Click meeting_room Rooms in the left sidebar.
  4. There will be an + add icon for each venue and room group. Click an + add icon to open the create room slider.
  5. In the create room slider:
    • Add the name of the room.
    • Select a revenue stream from the dropdown. Revenue streams may be added in the Account section of the Admin console. For more information, please see this article.
    • The venue dropdown will default to whichever venue you clicked the + add icon for. You can select a different venue, if needed.
    • If you would like to organize the spaces in your venue, you may assign them to a group. Type the name of your group (e.g. "Meeting Rooms" or "First Level"). If the group exists, it will appear in a dropdown for you to select. If it does not exist, you will be given the option to create it.
      Note: If you clicked the + add icon for a group, this field will default to that group.
    • Enter the capacity of the room. Because a room's capacity may vary based on setup, we recommend entering the maximum "fire marshal" capacity of the room.
    • Enter the area of the room.
    • Is this room a combination of smaller bookable spaces? If so, check Combo Room. The Sub-rooms field will appear, allowing you to select the rooms which are a part of this combo.
      Note: If you haven't added the sub-rooms yet, uncheck Combo Room and save. Once you have created the smaller spaces, you can then update the room to be a combo.
  6. When you're done entering the room's information, click Save and Add Another.
  7. Save and Add Another allows you to add a series of similar rooms (such as meeting rooms) without having to re-enter information. When you don't have any additional rooms to add, click Cancel to close the slider.

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