★ Event List View Gallery

You must have either the Edit Private Saved Views or the Edit Shared Saved Views permission in order to create a view.

The VenueOps event list lets you create different views for different purposes that you can then switch between. Looking for some inspiration to get you started? We've got a few examples below. Do you have an event list view that's working great for your building that you'd like to share with other VenueOps users? Email us at qaed@eventbooking.com.

For more information about creating event list views, please see the full article.


This view is filtered to show inquiries without any other event status. As such, the event status column has been hidden. Inquiries only have venues assigned because they are not yet booked in rooms, so the room column has also been hidden. The estimated revenue column has taken its place.
For more information on inquiries, please see the full article.

My Upcoming Events

This view is filtered to only include events where a particular user has any of the staff assignments. Additionally, it will only show events that are up to 30 days away. This one would work best as a private view.
For more information on staff assignments, please see the full article.

Inactive Events This Year

View all inactive events (both lost and canceled) in this calendar year. This view filters by Inactive status and with a custom relative date range of 0 Years Before Start of this Year through 1 Year After Start of this Year (pictured below).

Holds/Avails by Account

This view is filtered to only show events involving a particular account. This can be used to see all holds for a particular promoter or client, all events for a tenant, and more. The account column has been hidden because it would be redundant.

Event Types

This view is filtered to only show events that have the Wedding event type. You could create a view with any other event type or combination of types.
For more information on event types, please see the full article.

Contracts Pending Approval

This view is filtered to show all events that have the Contract Pending Approval contract status. This will help users that have the Approve Contracts permission to find which events have contracts that need to be reviewed.
For more information about the workflow for contract approval, please see the full article.

Events Not Finalized

This view is filtered to only show events that have not been finalized yet (in the Finalized field, select Not Finalized). You can add additional filtering (by event type or status) if there are some events which you do not expect to be finalized.

Outstanding Balance

This view is filtered to only show events that still have an outstanding balance. It is set to sort ascending by date so you see older outstanding events first. The columns have been adjusted to show the most pertinent information first: the event, the account, how much is owed, when the event took or is taking place, and the sales manager.