Create a Proposal

Permissions needed: Contracting > Edit

This article will walk you through creating a proposal for an event in Momentus Elite. The proposal will be created from a custom document template. If you do not have any proposal templates created, please contact us.

  1. Go to the event's details page.
  2. Click Contracting.
  3. Click the add add icon next to Proposals.
  4. In the Create Proposal slider:
    1. Name the proposal.
    2. Add a description. (Optional)
    3. Select a proposal template from the dropdown.
    4. Select a file format (PDF or DocX) from the dropdown.
      The file format option will only be available on documents being created with the Insights templating system. Insights documents in DocX format can be edited in the Elite editor while Insights PDFs cannot. Non-Insights templates always create documents as PDFs but those PDFs can be edited in the Elite editor.
    5. Select a contact for the proposal from the dropdown. Only contacts attached to the event will be available.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Your proposal has been created. If the event's contract status was No Proposal or Contract, it will be updated to Proposal Created.