Sending a Proposal

  1. Go to the event's details page.
  2. Click Contracting.
  3. Click the send icon next to Proposals.
  4. On the send proposal slider:
    1. Select which proposal you want to send. If there is only one on this event, it will be selected automatically.
    2. Add everyone you want to receive the proposal. When you start typing in the field, a dropdown will appear with a list of suggestions based on what you're typing. You can click these suggestions, or you can type an email address in directly and click the add contact icon to the right. If you want to remove a contact or email you've added, click the remove icon on its right side.
    3. Leave Send a copy to me checked if you want to receive the proposal email, as well. You can uncheck this option if you'd like, but we recommend leaving it so you have a record of when and to whom you've sent specific documents.
    4. Type a subject for the proposal email.
    5. Type a message. Although the message is technically optional, whatever you type will be the body of the proposal email. If you leave it blank, the email will just have a subject and the attachment.
    6. Click Send Proposal.
  5. You will be prompted to create a reminder task to follow up with the client. Click No to dismiss the prompt, or click Yes to open the add task slider.
    For more information about creating tasks, please see the full article.
  6. Your proposal has been sent to the selected contacts. If the event's contract status was Proposal Created, it will update to Proposal Sent.

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