How do I check what different roles can see?

We have explanations of what each role can see and do, but it's often easier to see the roles in action. Instead of creating a user to test roles, as an admin you can update your own roles to test what others can see. Afterwards, you can put your roles back to what they were.

  1. Click your name in the upper-left.
  2. Click System Admin.
  3. Click person Users on the left.
  4. Find your user account in the list, and click it to open the user details slider.
  5. In the user details slider, click the edit edit icon.
  6. In the edit user slider, you can:
    • Click the circled X icon to remove a single venue from a role field.
    • Click the X icon for a role field to remove all venues from that role.
    • Click into a field to open a dropdown that will allow you to check and uncheck the venues you should have that role for.
    Don't remove the System Admin system role! Without this role, you won't be able to change your roles back when you're done. If that happens, please contact Client Success by phone at +1.865.966.4900 or by email at
  7. When you're done updating your roles, click Save.
  8. Click the X icon to close the user details slider.
  9. Click arrow_back Exit Admin.
  10. Because your venue roles have changed, you will need to sign back in. Once signed in, you will be able to explore VenueOps with the roles you selected. When you are done, follow the directions in this article again to change your roles back to what they should be.

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