★ How do I log in to VenueOps?

VenueOps is a SaaS (software as a service) based application, meaning that we host the software on our servers and you access it using a browser and your Internet connection. There is nothing installed on your computers at all. Simply open your browser (we recommend Chrome or Safari), navigate to VenueOps, enter your username and password, and you're ready to go!

We have several VenueOps regions to give you better performance and also so we can do upgrades and maintenance outside your business hours. Your login URL will depend on where your venue is located:

Although we now have both Canada and Europe regions, we are still in the process of moving venues to their appropriate servers. You will still need to log in at login.venueops.com if your venue has not yet been moved.

Once you're logged in, bookmark VenueOps for easy access. For more information, please see Creating a Bookmark.

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