Visibility Settings

Permissions needed: Venue Access > View Hidden Event Details > Edit

When creating events, you may wish to limit access to certain holds or events. We have two options in VenueOps to allow you to do this:

Hide Event Details

With the Hide event details option, you are able to set an event as "private". This means that a user without View hidden event details permissions will only be able to see that an event exists, its date/time, spaces booked, event type, status, contract status, and creator. Users without the View hidden event details permissions will:

  • Not have access to the event details page:
  • Have limited information on the summary slider on the calendar:
  • If fields other than those listed above are set to display on the calendar, the field will either not display at all, show N/A, or, for financials, have zeroed out amounts.
  • Notifications will not contain the event name. While there is still a link to the event details page, access will be denied as noted above.

To hide the details of an event, click the edit pencil icon under Visibility to open the Edit Visibility slider.

Check Hide event details. When the event is confirmed or announced and your other users should be able to view it, turn off again (if you confirm the event on the calendar, we'll ask you if you want to do this). This option is available on the summary slider on the calendar, as well as on the event details overview page.

Show Name on Avails

When you send Avails, you may choose to display confirmed events either as "Confirmed Event" or as the event type. If you toggle the Show Name on Avails option on for an event, then once it is confirmed the event's name will display on your avails instead of the more general label. Please note that Hide event details, if on, will override this setting.

This is off by default when booking new events, but you can turn that on when you book the event or at any time later via the summary slider on the calendar, as well as the event details overview page.

Default Settings

You are able to choose the default visibility setting for new events. Click your name in the upper left corner and click My Settings. Click the edit pencil icon by Event Defaults, make your selection, and save.