★ Series of Events

In VenueOps, you are able to group related and recurring events into a Series. What could a series be?

  • Sports season
  • Summer film series
  • Symphony masterworks series
  • Weekly staff meetings
  • Regular religious group gatherings
  • Long-term events, such as an art installation
  • Classes for a semester
  • Guided facility tours

By creating separate events in a series, you will have an "at a glance" view of all events and booked spaces in the series, as well as be able to gather information at the series level (notes, documents, announce and on-sale dates). Series are especially useful for venues with resident tenants: arenas with sports teams, PACs with symphonies or operas, and more. Note that each event still has its own status and details page.

In this article:

Create a New Series

Create the Series and Book Events

If you have not booked any of your series events yet, you can create the series and book the events all at the same time. On the calendar, select your event dates and click the Create Series button in the lower right. Note that events booked using the Create Series slider will be single day events. Additional dates can be added after booking (see below). Step-by-step instructions are available in Book Events In a Series.

Create the Series via a Booked Event

If your series events have already been booked, you can create the series on one of the events and then add the rest. On one of your series events, open the Edit General Information slider and type the name of the series into the Series field. If the series already exists, you'll be able to select it. If not, you'll have the opportunity to create it. See Add Existing Events to a Series for instructions.

Add More Events to a Series

If the events have already been booked, follow the instructions in Add Existing Events to a Series to add them to the series.

If you wish to create new events in a series, you will use the same Create Series slider you used to create the new series and initial events. Select dates on the calendar (like you did when initially booking) or on the series summary slider or event details page to access the Create Series slider.

  • If you'd like to use the calendar to select dates, select your dates and then click the Create Series icon in the lower right. At the top of the Create Series slider, change the drop-down to Existing Series and search for and select the series. Proceed with booking the event.
  • You can also access the Create Series slider on the series summary slider and series details page. Go to the Events tab and click the + plus icon. You won't see the New/Existing Series field, but we've pre-selected Existing and pre-filled the series for you. The rest of the slider and the booking process is the same.

See Book Events In a Series for instructions.

Edit Events in a Series

We have two different sliders which allow you to make edits to events in a series. While you can make these edits on each event's details page, doing so on these sliders allows you to update the same information across multiple events, or see your edits in the context of the other events in the series. In this article we'll give you an overview of the functionality in each slider and link to separate articles with step-by-step how-tos.

Series Event Mass Editor

The Series Event Mass Editor allows you to update event names, estimated attendance, and visibility settings. You can also confirm or cancel events, but you won't be able to override double bookings in this editor (use the Edit Series Events slider if that is needed). This slider is ideal for bookers who need to firm up a season schedule after receiving it from the league. You can update the event names, confirm or cancel event holds, and un-hide event details in a spreadsheet-style interface. For more information, see Edit Events in Series.

Series Edit Spaces slider

The Series Edit Spaces slider has the same functionality as the Event Edit Spaces slider, except that there will be a card for each event. You'll be able to update rooms, times, usages, and status across all event booked spaces, for each event, for each event day, or for each booked space.

This slider is especially useful as things change or you get more information as the season progresses: changes to rehearsal rooms, actual times for locker rooms or donor spaces, having to move an event to a different room, and so on. You'll also be able to add dates to individual events. If you booked your events as single day and need to add the other days, you'll be able to make those additions to all events on this slider, without having to go to each event.

See Edit Events in Series for step-by-step instructions on using this slider.

Other Series Information

You are also able to:

Feature Focus: Series

Would you like to see Series in action? The video below is an excerpt from a live webinar where we previewed expanded feature functionality.