Series of Events

In VenueOps, you are able to group related and recurring events into a Series. What would a series be?

  • Sports season
  • Summer film series
  • Symphony masterworks series
  • Weekly staff meetings

By creating separate events in a series, each event will have its own status and its own details page, thus allowing you to easily gather information specific to that event.

In this article, we'll discuss booking new events into a series (whether a new series or an existing series). If you've already booked the events but need to add them to a series, please see this article. You can also edit the times, statuses, and names of events in series - please see this article for more information.

To book new events into a new or existing series:

  1. Select the dates of your events on the calendar. You can go to the next month and the dates will still be selected!
  2. Click the add series button in the lower-right.
  3. Under Add Events To, select New Series or Existing Series as appropriate.
  4. Type the name of your series. If the series already exists, it will appear in the search results for you to select.
    Note: We recommend that your series names are unique, such as Hockey Season 17-18 rather than just Hockey Season.
  5. Fill in your event information, including account, contact, event type, business classification (if your system admin has set those up), visibility (if you are a booker), and task templates. If you're adding the events to an existing series, the account and contact will populate from your series. Events in a series can also be marked as blackouts or internal events.
  6. Click Select Rooms to apply a selection to all dates, or click select a room for a specific date to apply a selection to only that date.
  7. In the slider, select the rooms you want to book.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Fill in the name of each event. If you do not add an event name, events will inherit the series name.
  10. If you need to ajust the selected rooms for an individual event, click its edit icon.
  11. If you need to adjust the selected rooms for the entire series, click Select Rooms.
  12. To remove an entire event, click the remove icon next to the event's name.
  13. To remove only a single space from an event, click the remove icon for the space, directly to the right of its status.
  14. Adjust the time for all events' spaces by clicking Set Times. To adjust the time for an individual space, click its time.
  15. Each space is assigned the next available tentative status and is color coded to alert you of potential conflicts. You may update the status for all events' spaces by clicking Set Status, or update an individual space by clicking its status. For more details about the conflict checking warnings and updating statuses, please see this article.
  16. If your system admin has set up room usages, select a usage for each space. You can click Set Usages for an event to apply a selection to all spaces for that event, or click Set Usage for a specific space to apply a selection only to it. For more information, please see the full article.
  17. Click Create.

Please note that if your event has multiple dates and each date should be an individual event in a series, you will need to rebook those dates as individual events. Need assistance? Please contact our Client Success team.

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