VenueOps 35 - Extreme Makeover: VenueOps Edition


We have updated the front end framework throughout the entire application. You'll see the difference in the look and feel, as well as improved performance and mobile friendliness. For more information, please see our blog posts here and here. Please see the video below for a quick tour (seven minutes). We did a full tour in our recent VenueOps 35 Preview webinar. We walk through many of the changes listed below in that preview.


  • You are now able to remove the usage on a booked space. You're able to do this anywhere you can edit the booked space.
  • We've added another grouping level on the Operations View. Formerly, items and instructions were grouped by Room > Function > Category. They are now grouped by Room > Function > Department > Category.
  • Throughout the program, we are moving away from grouping inventory categories by our "master categories" of Food and Beverage, Event Services, and Labor and instead grouping by your departments. If you are not using departments, we recommend creating your own! Contact us or see the instructions below under Company Settings.
  • On the event list, all the downloads are now under the download icon.
Company Settings
  • We have moved Task Templates to a tab on the Tasks page. PLEASE NOTE: Users with the Director of Operations role will now be able to access task templates. If you do not wish your Ops staff to access these, please change their role to Operations Staff.
  • Since tasks have been moved, we renamed Company Settings to Inventory & Prices.
  • Rather than grouping categories by Food and Beverage, Event Services, and Labor, they are now grouped by your departments. If you aren't using departments, they will be listed under "no department". To assign categories to a department:
    • First, create the department if needed. In Inventory & Prices, click the plus at the top by Departments.
    • Then click the category to open its details slider. Click the pencil to edit.
    • Select the new department from the drop down and save.
Event Details
  • Overview
    • Contacts: When creating a contact here, you can now choose the contact's account. Previously, it was automatically added to the event's contracting account.
    • We moved Staff Assignments into their own section. And since they now have a slider for editing, we were able to easily add that to the calendar summary slider for editing there as well.
  • Rental Rates
    • You no longer have to have a rate for every room in your price schedules. Thus if you have a venue-specific price schedule, you don't have to have rates for rooms in the other venue. Have a space you never charge for, such as a coat room? You don't have to create a rate for it.
    • That being said, if a room without a rate is booked on an event, you can add a rental rate for it on the event ad hoc.
    • You are able to remove rates for specific booked spaces from events.
    • We will be updating our help desk as soon as possible so you can see these changes in action.
  • Detailing
    • Functions will now paginate if there are functions for more than 10 days - this is to improve load times. You'll be able to load more days if you prefer via the setting at the bottom of the list of functions.
    • Function categories are now grouped by department by default, and when copying details from function to function you'll be able to select details by department. We have removed the food and beverage/event services/labor options.
  • Financials
    • Details: The charges are now grouped by revenue stream. Within each revenue stream the items are sorted by category and then by item name. We've added a column to show the category (since that information was in the header before).
  • Summary Slider:
    • This slider was getting longer and longer as we added more and more information, so we've separated the information into tabs. Since we had tabs, we took the opportunity to move event orders and documents out of the more info menu, making them easier to get to.
    • We added a badge to the header when an event is finalized. Since booked spaces and functions cannot be edited once an event is finalized, it was handy to be able to see that information.
  • Color Coding:
    • The Outstanding Balance and Paid in Full coloring options were causing confusion, as they overrode the status/contracting status coloring. We have removed those options.
    • You now have lots more coloring options!
  • You are now able to show combo calendars on the grid and day views. 
    • To show combos, be sure the combo is selected in the filtering options, and then in the display options select Show Combo Rooms.
    • You will see shading on certain booked spaces. This means that the booked space is not booked in the room row you are viewing - it could be booked in the member room if you're viewing a combo, or in the combo if you're viewing a member room. If you have combos in your venue, you can turn on rooms in the display options to see specifically which room a booked space is in.
  • Avails List: You are no longer limited to 90 days - you may now preview and copy up to 366 days.
  • To copy the URL for an iCal feed, click the iCal badge by the view name.
  • On mobile, avails no longer has its own navigation item. There is a toggle at the bottom of your calendar to switch to avails.
  • You are now able to edit the account, event, contact, and type of tasks.
  • We've updated the event, account, and contact validation on tasks. Now:
    • If you select an event, the account must be associated with the event either as the contracting account or via a contact which has been added to the event from a different account.
    • If an account is selected, the contact must belong to that account (we'll provide a drop down of contacts on the account).
    • If no account is selected, you may choose any contact (even if you've selected an event).


  • Inactive rooms could be selected when creating a combo.
  • Pre-sale dates are now listed in chronological order rather than the order created.
  • In exhibitor ordering, price schedules could have the same start time and date. We are now preventing that.
  • Business classification and usage were being shown on the calendar and event list even when the event had the hide details from non-bookers on.
  • Task assigned to me notifications were not being sent when the task was created via applying a task template.
  • If a task was created from a template and the template was deleted, the task could not be completed.
  • Inactive users are no longer listed when setting viewers for reports.
  • When sorting by status on the event list, we didn't differentiate between lost and cancelled eventss
  • We recaptioned Back Calculate Prices to Tax-Inclusive Pricing.
  • When copying details to a new function, you are now able to choose the member rooms of a combo booked on the event.
  • When creating inventory items, the deposit item checkbox and the no quantity required checkbox are now mutually exclusive.
  • Payments and credits could be added with more than two decimal places in currencies where this should not be allowed.
  • In iOS, there was no way to return to VenueOps when a document was opened. This has been resolved.
  • The event blocks did not scroll in the mobile calendar event list in Chrome.
  • When booking an event, if text was entered in the booked space time field it cause an event to be created without any booked space or venue attached.
  • When saving a custom event or function list with a relative date range (such as Next 30 Days) the date range was saved as 30 days from today rather than with the relative date range. 
  • Info items (items which do not require a quantity) were displaying a quantity on the Operations Daily View.
  • Making changes on the Change Quantities/Prices slider was removing information in the Billing Note and Time fields.
  • If the item an event was colored by did not have a color (whether calendar or event type), the usage bar would not appear.
  • If an account had a non-midnight start of day, functions would incorrectly show on multiple days in the grid view.