Manage Lead Sources

System roles needed: System Admin

You are able to track the lead source of your accounts. If lead sources are created, they will be required on all accounts.

  1. Click on your name in the upper left corner and select System Admin to access the Admin console.
  2. Click list Misc on the left.
  3. Click Lead Sources.
  4. Click the edit pencil icon to open the Edit Lead Sources slider.
  5. In the slider, you can:
    • Click a name field to update a lead source's name.
      Any accounts with the edited lead source will still have the original name. To see the new name on the account, open the Edit Information slider, select the updated lead source, and save. Both the old name and the new name will appear as filtering options in the app and in reports.
    • Click + Add Lead Source to add a new lead source.
    • Click the delete remove icon next to a lead source to remove it.
      If you remove a lead source, any accounts with that lead source will still have it. You are able to filter by the removed lead source on the accounts pages to find those accounts and update them, if needed.
  6. When you are done updating your lead sources, click Save. Your changes and additions will be saved, and the lead sources will be listed alphabetically.