Sales Revenue Report

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This report shows revenue over a date range. Revenue is divided into the rental, food and beverage, and ancillary revenue stream types as established by your revenue streams (see this article). Totals are also listed.


The report allows event to be grouped by:

  • Account
  • Account Market Segment
  • Business Classification
  • Event Type
  • Status (prospect, tentative, or definite)
  • Venue

The report is further grouped by month/year of the event end date.

User Parameters

The user inputs the date range for event end date.


This report may be filtered by:

  • Date range based on the end date of the event
  • Status (prospect, tentative, or definite)


The total for each revenue stream category is summed for each month, group, and the overall report.


  • The contract status is ignored in this report (a Tentative with Contract Signed will still be categorized under the Tentative column).
  • The revenue figure pulls from estimated total revenue if the event does not have actual revenue. If the actual total revenue has been entered, the report will show the actual total revenue instead.
    • The report can be modified to show only estimated or actual, or to use a different calculation method.