★ Report and Dashboard Gallery

Welcome to the Report and Dashboard Gallery! This gallery is meant to serve as an introduction to the concepts and tools that encompass our reporting engine, Insights, as well as inspire our users to think of how custom reports and dashboards could help their venue.

On this page, you will see a variety of generic reports and dashboards that serve as an introduction to what is possible with Insights. Although this is a great introduction to reports and dashboards, we also offer custom report and dashboard creation as part of your annual subscription. Please contact our Client Success team if you are interested in adding any of these reports or dashboards to your account or would like to schedule a consultation call for any custom requests you might have!

If you are looking for more information on using Insights reports and dashboards, please see the other articles in this section to learn how to run a report, share a report, or edit the name & description of a report or dashboard.


Sales Revenue Report
This report shows revenue over a date range. Revenue is divided into the rental, food and beverage, and ancillary revenue stream types as established by your revenue streams (see this article). Totals are also listed.
Sales Pipeline Report
The Sales Pipeline report shows all upcoming event revenue split out by status (inquiry, prospect, tentative, or definite), grouped by the event’s end date.
Generic Revenue Pace Report
This pace report is meant to serve as an introduction to one of the many techniques that can be used for reporting pace. This report compares the amount of revenue booked within the current fiscal year to the past fiscal year.
Daily Function Schedule
The Daily Function Schedule report allows you to see all functions in order of the start time of the function on their respective date. This report shows the function start time, function end time, event name, function name, function room, function room setup.
Event Activity Report
This report shows all new events added, confirmed, lost, or cancelled over a given time frame.
Stock Levels Summary Report
The Stock Levels Summary report allows you to see all of your items allocated each day compared to the total stock level. This report is great to check for overallocated stock levels, as well as for an operations team to have for day-by-day information on the number of respective items that will be needed.
Invoices With Balances Due Report
This report looks at every invoice that has a balance due based on the due date of the invoice.
Unallocated Payments Report
This report will show all unallocated payments over any given time frame based on when the payment was received.
Aging Invoices Report
The Aging Invoices report is based on the standard aging invoice report you can find within your account, but gives you the flexibility to export in all Insights formatting options. It also allows you to include additional information. The report will show how long an invoice is overdue by allocating the money to one of the following columns: Current, 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, 91-120 days, and Over 120 days. This allows the user to see how much money is overdue for each account by how long it has been overdue, as well as venue-wide totals.
GL Code Item Allocation Report
This report shows all items that have been allocated to an event over a user-defined time frame grouped by their GL Code. This allows the user to see the total revenue for each GL code over a given time frame.
Occupancy Report
The Occupancy by Area and Days report allows you to examine the utilization of the space in your venue over a user-defined time frame.
Completed Tasks Report
The Completed Tasks report shows all completed tasks over a user-defined date period based on the completion date of the task.
Overdue Tasks Report
The Overdue Tasks report allows you to look at all incomplete and overdue tasks as of the day the report is generated. This report shows who has been assigned the task, the due date of the task, the task type, the event name, the account associated with the task, and all of the contact information of the task contact.


Booking Dashboard
This dashboard is built for bookers at a venue and shows revenue grouped by event type, upcoming event ticket sales, active tentative events, and booked space usage.
Contracts and Proposals Pipeline Dashboard
The Contracts and Proposals Pipeline dashboard is for Account and Sales Managers to track outstanding contracts and proposals in the contracting workflow. This dashboard is meant to give a high-level view for users that are planning on using our proposal and contract features.
Finance Dashboard
This finance dashboard allows a user to track all invoices and payments received.
Department Requirements Dashboard
The Department Requirements dashboard is a tool for your operations team and others to see all items that are allocated to their departments or their assigned rooms over a date range. This dashboard shows the date and time, event, function, room, department, category, quantity, and note applied for each item.
Marketing Dashboard
The Marketing Dashboard is for marketing managers who are looking to better understand their past, current, and future business.
Operations Dashboard
The Operations Dashboard is for Operations Staff and Managers to track the immediate, necessary information within their venue, including a function schedule, stock levels, and tasks.
Revenue Goals Dashboard
The Revenue Goals dashboard is designed for venues to track current revenue for the year compared to their goals set for the year.
Revenue Review Dashboard
The Revenue Review Dashboard is built to show how your revenue is tracking in comparison to the year before. This dashboard looks at the revenue booked by month versus last year, the estimated versus actual revenue comparison, and the revenue percentage by event type.
Sales Pipeline Dashboard
The Sales Pipeline Dashboard is built to show how your revenue is tracking for future years as well as your pace for the current year.
Space Usage by Venue Dashboard
The Space Usage By Venue dashboard can be used to see the number of instances a space usage has been assigned to a booked space. This dashboard will show you the breakdown between event days, move in/move out days, and dark days.

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