Sales Pipeline Summary

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The Sales Pipeline report shows all upcoming event revenue split out by status (inquiry, prospect, tentative, or definite), grouped by the event’s end date.


This report groups by the fiscal year of the end date of the event. It shows the current fiscal year then the next two fiscal years. Event information in fiscal years beyond that will be aggregated.

  • If the fiscal year starts and ends in the same year, the label will show one year (e.g. FY 2021). If the fiscal year starts and ends in different years, the label is split out (e.g. FY 2021-2022).


This report is filtering out:

  • Past fiscal years
  • Inquiries
  • Lost and canceled events


The pipeline total is aggregated at the bottom for each status, as well as for the entire total revenue in the pipeline.

User Parameters

The user inputs the starting date of the current Fiscal Year.


  • The contract status is ignored in this report (a tentative event with a contract status of Contract Signed will still be categorized under the tentative column).
  • Although the report can be run for past fiscal years, the status groupings represent the current status of the event, not the status during the past fiscal years.
  • The revenue figure pulls from estimated total revenue if the event does not have any actual revenue. If actual revenue has been entered (rental rates, item charges, additional revenue), the report will show the actual total revenue instead. The report can be modified to show only estimated or actual, or to use a different calculation method.