Revenue Pace Report

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This pace report is meant to serve as an introduction to one of the many techniques that can be used for reporting pace. This report compares the amount of revenue booked within the current fiscal year to the past fiscal year.

User Parameters

The user will be prompted to enter the start date of the fiscal year they are wanting to examine. The report is based on the 12 month span starting from the date entered.


  • Each row of each section is grouped by whether or not the event is booked within this fiscal year or the last fiscal year.
  • The current fiscal year comparison grouping is comparing what was on the books before the end of the year for the current and future years, and what has now been booked during the fiscal year. The past fiscal year comparison is doing the same comparison, but for the past fiscal year in comparison to the year before.
  • The report is automatically grouped by month/year of the actualization date within the grouping the user has selected.


This report only counts revenue from active and definite events.


  • When requesting this report, please let us know your fiscal year start date.
  • This report counts the revenue for an event multiple times if you are booking events in multiple venues.
  • There is a version of this report by event count as well.