Unallocated Payments Report

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The Unallocated Payments report will show all unallocated payments over any given time frame based on when the payment was received.

User Parameters

In addition to the Group By parameter mentioned above, you will be prompted to enter a start and end date for when the payment was received.


This report has a great example of what we can do with Group By parameters. When you first run the report, it will prompt you to select what to group by. With this report, the user has the ability to select whether to group by the account, the date the payment was received, or no grouping. If nothing is selected in the group by parameter, the data will not be grouped.


This report will show all payments that have an unallocated amount greater than zero.


This report sums the total amount of all payments, how much has been allocated, how much has been credited, and how much is still unallocated.