Booking Dashboard

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This dashboard is built for bookers at a venue.

  • The top left panel on the dashboard shows the revenue grouped by event type. This panel looks at events from today to a year prior.
  • The panel on the top right shows the upcoming event ticket sales for each event that has a performance function.
  • The panel on the bottom left of the dashboard shows all active tentative events as of today.
  • The panel on the bottom right shows the booked space usage for each venue, as well as each room.

User Parameters

There are no user parameters on this dashboard.


  • The Booked Space Usage panel groups each room under each venue, and each date in its own month. You can use the expand options to show individual dates and rooms for usage.
  • The Revenue by Event Type Breakdown panel shows all revenue within the past year separated by the event type in a percentage calculation of the overall actual revenue made. If you hover over each individual event type, you can see the actual revenue made by each event type.

The report is automatically grouped by month/year of the actualization date within the grouping the user has selected.


  • The Open Tentative panel only looks at active tentative events.
  • The Booked Space Usage panel is only looking at booked spaces that have been marked as definite.
  • The Upcoming Event Ticket Sales panel includes only events with performance functions applied.
  • The Revenue by Event Type Breakdown panel includes only events within the past year from the day the dashboard is generated.


The Booked Space Usage panel shows the total for the year as well as the individual months.


You will see in the graphic above that the event name is linked in two of the panels. If you click the hyperlink of the event in question, it will take you to the event details page for that specific event.