Department Requirements Dashboard

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The Department Requirements dashboard is a tool for your operations team and others to see all items that are allocated to their departments or their assigned rooms over a date range. This dashboard shows the date and time, event, function, room, department, category, quantity, and note applied for each item.

User Parameters

Within the dashboard there are three different filters used to find the exact information you are looking to pinpoint:

  • Department Filter: filter by any department in your account
  • Room Filter: filter by any specific rooms in your account
  • Date Filter: filter by any date range where items exist on today‚Äôs events or in the future.


  • This dashboard will only pull in items that are allocated to active events.
  • This dashboard will only pull in items that are allocated to events that are today or in the future. This dashboard is not built to look at past events.


  • Like some of the other dashboards listed in our library, this dashboard is completely interactive, which means you can sort by any of the fields within the dashboard.
  • If you need us to add any information to this dashboard, or would like to adjust the filters to be by categories or venues, or change the date range to monthly, quarterly, or yearly increments, please let us know.