Revenue Review Dashboard

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The Revenue Review Dashboard is built to show how your revenue is tracking in comparison to the year before. This dashboard looks at the revenue booked by month versus last year, the estimated versus actual revenue comparison, and the revenue percentage by event type.

  • The Revenue Booked By Month (vs. Last Year) panel shows your current pace in actual revenue booked for the year as of today in comparison to the actual revenue as of today's date last year.
  • The Estimated vs. Actual Revenue Comparison panel looks at how much actual revenue and estimated revenue you have this year and the year before.
  • The Revenue by Event Type Percentage Comparison panel looks at the percentage breakdown of revenue based on the types of events for this year and last year.


This dashboard will only include active events which occur in the current year and the previous year.


This dashboard can be based on your fiscal year - just let us know your fiscal year start in your request email.