VenueOps 36 - Custom User Roles


Up until now, VenueOps has used standard roles (such as Booker, Sales Manager, Event Coordinator, etc.) to give users permission to your account data. These roles bundled permissions in ways which worked for many — but not all — of our accounts. In VenueOps 36, you are now able to create roles which control features and data in ways which are specific to your venue. By combining these custom roles with shared calendar and list views, you are now able to have much more granular control of who can access functionality and data.

We walked through custom user roles and saved views in our VenueOps 36 webinar. A recording is available on our help desk in this article.

Custom User Roles

When we release, we will create new custom roles based on how you were using the old standard roles and assign them to your users - all users should have the same access as before the release (see Saved Views below, though). If you have one venue, you'll see a list of the roles you were using. If you have multiple venues, you could see multiple versions of the standard roles: an "All" version which includes all venues (if any user had that role in all your venues) and venue-specific versions (if any user had that role in only one venue). These roles will be in the new Roles tab in the Sys Admin area.

If you are happy with the access which your users have, you don't need to make any changes. If you'd like to update a role, click the role to open its edit slider. In that slider, you'll be able to see what access this role gives a user and make any changes you wish. You can also rename the role to be a better fit for your venue!

Once you've made all your changes, be sure to click Save. To create a new role, click the plus by Roles.

Remember! Documents are shared according to user roles. Deleting roles will mean that documents are no longer shared with that role. If you want to make changes, we recommend updating existing roles rather than deleting roles and starting fresh. If you'd like guidance in doing this, please contact the Client Success Team and we can advise.

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Just a note for bookers: We've updated the visibility settings from Hide from non-bookers to Hide event details. The ability to see hidden events is an explicit setting in the new custom user roles.

Saved Views

We have also updated how saved views work: You are now able to restrict who can create and edit saved views. If you want everyone to be seeing the same information on the calendar/list, or if you would like to restrict users from seeing the financials (estimated/actual revenue, economic impact, and event balance) for example, you can now create a shared view for specific roles.

To restrict access, you'll need to update the view permissions on your user roles:

  • No edit shared view permission: No access to filtering or display options on any list or calendar view. Cannot create views. Must have views shared with their user roles.
  • Edit Private Views: Can access filtering and display options on list and calendar views and create only private views.
  • Edit Shared Views: Can access filtering and display options on list and calendar views. Can create private views as well as share views with specific roles. Can also specify views as default for those roles.
  • Admins: Admins have access to all views and are the only ones who can publish views (creating the iCal link). Be sure to give the admin Edit Shared View permission.
Please note that if a view is locked, you will need to unlock it in order to make changes, so you'll have to unlock > edit > re-lock. This is a change in behavior, where before Admins could override the lock.

If you have no need to restrict access to information on the calendar or list views, you may simply give all roles either the Edit Private Views or Edit Shared Views permissions.

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  • Revenue:
    • Revenue totals shown in the summary chart will no longer include tax. The Event Total at the very bottom of the Totals column will include all monies collected for the event (including tax). In order to see this change on events, the revenue will need to be updated in some way to force the event totals to recalculate (adding and removing a deposit works well). On the Exhibitor Ordering tab, we've relabeled "Revenue" to "Total" since it includes tax.
    • Revenue streams are now inactivated rather than removed. If you realign your revenue streams after realizing revenue on events, this will allow you to still report on revenue in the inactive revenue streams.
  • We've updated the interface when adding or editing rental rates on price schedules in order to improve performance for our larger venues. When editing rental rates, you'll first choose a venue to edit. If you have a large number of rooms, we recommend editing one venue at a time. We have updated documentation in this article.
  • If task types have been created on your account, they are now required for all tasks (ad hoc or on templates).
  • You'll notice that the Staff Assignment interface has returned to individual dropdowns rather than a single slider. We did this because with a slider, you'd have to replace any inactivated users before saving changes. Now, inactive users can remain assigned to the event.
  • Currency is now a separate setting from region. This controls the currency symbol only. Most users will not be affected by this setting; it is specifically for some of our international arenas.


  • Items added to event-wide details can now have a start and end date.
  • You are now able to include purchase order numbers on invoices - you'll add that when you create the invoice. Have an account that requires a purchase order number? Flag that account and the field will be required (see this article). If you plan on using this feature, please contact us to update your invoice templates.
  • We've lowered the minimum number of days in the grid calendar view from seven days to one. This will allow you to view a five-day week, or just the weekend.
  • You can now toggle times off when copying an avails list.
  • Documents created from templates (proposals, contracts, invoices, etc.) can now be printed as A4 rather than letter size. Non US-ians rejoice!
  • VenueOps is now available in Chinese. We've also added a per-user language override so that users in international venues can work in their language of choice. This setting is on the user's details slider in Sys Admin.
  • Exhibitors placing orders in the online store can attach documents (such as booth setups).
  • We've added a notes field on reports and dashboards for the Insights Admin. This can be used to track changes made to reports or for technical comments on the report's implementation. Other non-Insights Admin users will not be able to see these notes. See this article for more information.
  • Recent events listed on the search pane will also show the event dates.
  • When you search for contacts, we'll list their account, title, and contact information as well.
  • While we were at it, we added that same information for your contacts on event details > overview.
  • The invoice details sliders will now show the billing account and contact.
  • We've added back in the reminder to add items to price schedules when you add items (whether regular, deposit, or info) to your inventory.
  • If a room is part of a combo, we'll now show its "parent" rooms on the room details slider.
  • When you create or edit event orders, we'll list the function times as well as date and room.
  • Once those event orders are created, we'll list the template on the summary slider > event orders tab (we already list this on event details > event orders).
  • The function ID is now shown on the function details slider, and it comes with a handy copy-to-clipboard icon. Some of our accounts need this number to run certain reports.
  • Speaking of copy-to-clipboard, you'll see that we've updated the icon and added it in various places: on event details > overview and the calendar summary slider (for the event ID) and also on the series slider (to copy a list of events in the series).
  • We've added booked spaces' usage to the Select Charges slider. This means you'll be able to see this when creating invoices and adding discounts, useful if you discount rental based on usage.
  • On the Operations View, we've updated Download Room Diagram to Download Attachment, since people are using this for more than just room diagrams. The attachment is still attached to functions in the same manner as before.
  • When editing your price schedules, you'll now be able to search for GL codes when adding them to categories or items. This will make it much easier for large venues with a long list of accounts.
  • If your event has discounts, we'll prompt you to update those after you make changes to rental rates.
  • If a user tries to log in using Internet Explorer, a message will be displayed that the browser is not supported.


  • The template removed message allowed sent invoices to be edited.
  • On the summary slider, announce dates which did not have a time were displaying a 12 AM start time.
  • Pre-Sale dates are now ordered by date and then by time
  • If a space (and nothing else) was added to a required field, there were errors when the field was saved.
  • Mobile:
    • The last-open summary slider opened automatically when returning to calendar page.
    • On list views the pagination controls didn't stick to the bottom of the page.
    • The View on Calendar link on the event details page opened a blank page.
    • Events were showing as tentative in mobile avails slider when a tentative and confirmed event were on the same date.
  • Font issues on several pages were fixed.
  • On the detailing tab, editing a function bumped you back to page one of the function list.
  • When event details were hidden by the booker, the event's unique ID and usage were still being shown on the calendar.
  • If a venue was deleted, staff assignments with users assigned to that venue had a blank details slider.
  • On the grid view, we now will order events alphabetically if they are booked in the same room at the same time with the same status.
  • Staff assignments are now prevented from being named event. This caused issues in the Insights database.
  • On the monthly calendar, the event end time was not displaying correctly when the booked spaces were a mix of all day and timed.
  • The today circle was printing on calendar exports.
  • In the Edit Document slider, document templates and documents had their names cut off after ampersands.
  • Using the View on Calendar link on the event details page was taking you to the monthly view rather than your last used view.
  • Translation issues:
    • We now differentiate a person name from an object name.
    • The more info menu on the calendar summary slider will now be translated.
  • When a prospect is booked, the page will now refresh so that the header status and the "book prospect" button update correctly.
  • The iCal badge in the custom view dropdown would not go away after unpublishing until after the page was refreshed. We've removed the iCal badge from the view slider.
  • The date field of the Copy Function Details slider formatted the date as YYYY-MM-DD instead of using the regional formatting.
  • Searching for an event ID would show the event but then load other events with similar IDs.
  • Event orders could be downloaded when they were out of date.
  • Event Details > Booking and Event Details > Rental Rates tabs will once again show the day of the week.
  • When uploading room diagrams to functions, large file uploads would fail without saying that they did or why. We will now show an error message which includes the file size limit.