Editing a User

This article will walk you through updating a user's information and roles.

  1. Click your name in the upper-left.
  2. Click System Admin.
  3. Click person Users on the left.
  4. Click the user you want to edit to open their details slider.
  5. Click the edit pencil icon to open the Edit User slider.
  6. In the slider, you can:
    • Update the user's name.
    • Update the user's email address. Because this is used to log in, each user must have a unique email address.
    • Update the user's language override. This is used if this user would prefer to have VenueOps display in a language other than the one your account is set to. If they already have one set, you can change it to a different language or remove it. If removed, VenueOps will display in the account's default language for them.
      English and Chinese are the languages supported by VenueOps, at this time.
    • Add the System Admin role to or remove it from the the user's system roles.
      Insights Admin will be disabled. If you would like a user to have the Insights Admin role, please contact our Client Success team.
    • Update the user's roles.
  7. When all the desired changes have been made, click Save.

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