★ Custom Saved Views

You are able to create custom views on your calendar, list views, operations page, and activity log. This allows you to:

  • See only the information you want to see, when you want to see it.
  • Create quick reports, especially on the events list.
  • Have a default view for your entire team or by department so everyone sees the same information.
  • Hide information (such as financials) from those who should not see it.

There are three levels of access for creating shared views:

  • No access: Users without either of the below permissions will only be allowed to select views shared with their roles. Also, they will not have access to the filtering or display options.
  • Edit Private Saved Views: This permission allows a user to create saved views, but the views will be private to them.
  • Edit Shared Saved Views: This permission allows a user to create saved views which are shared with selected user roles, set default views, and unlock (and thus edit) locked views. These users will still be limited to views which are shared with their roles.
    Note: System Admins who have Edit Shared Saved Views are able to view all shared views.
What about the system default view? The system default view will only be available for your No Access users as long as there are no shared views (users with Edit access will always see it). Once a shared view has been created on a calendar or a list view, the system default for that page will not be available. Be sure to share views with your No Access users! If you are okay with all users seeing all information on the calendars and list views, you can assign all roles at least Edit Private Saved Views permission.

For step-by-step directions on creating custom saved views, please see these articles: