Adding Event-Wide Items

You are able to add inventory items to your events. Inventory items can include any item you need to execute the event (tables, chairs, lights, staging, pipe and drape) as well as food and beverage (meals, coffee stations, snack breaks) and labor (box office or front of house staffing, security, housekeeping). Anything you would like to bill the client for will need to be added to the event as an item.

All items are added to either event-wide details or functions. Event-wide details are on every event and are used for items and instructions which pertain to the overall event, such as Wi-Fi, parking, or security. Functions are built for each event and reflect the schedule of the event; they are specific to a room and a single date.

To add event-wide items:

  1. Go to the event's details page.
  2. Click Detailing.
  3. Click Event-Wide Details.
  4. Click the + plus icon by the department that contains the items you want to add. The Add Items slider will open.
    1. Click Set Price Schedule.
    2. Select a price schedule.
    3. Click Save.
  5. Click items in the left sidebar to add them to your event. If you need to add the same item more than once, simply click it in the left sidebar again. If you're looking for a particular item, you can search for it at the top of the sidebar. You can also select a specific category to filter by.
    If you're adding items on your phone or tablet, scroll down to see the items you've added since opening this slider.
  6. Add the quantity for each item. Labor items will need both quantity and units, such as 3 security personnel for 6 hours each. Info items will not have quantity, cost, or price. They will only have fields for dates, times, and notes.
  7. The cost and price will populate from the price schedule. If your user roles give you permission to do so, you may update them for this event as needed.
  8. If an item is for internal use and will not be billed to the client, check Unbillable. This item will not appear on proposals, contracts, addendums, or invoices, but it will appear on event orders.
  9. You can add a date- and time-span for the items. If you don't set either for an item, that item will be considered to be in use for the entire span of the event. Stock levels will be calculated based on the days each item is in use, without consideration of times. For more information about stock levels, please see the full article.
  10. If you add an item by accident or decide that you no longer want to add it, click the X icon on the right to remove it.
  11. When you have added all of your items, click Save.
  12. The items will be listed on the event-wide details slider.

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