Viewing Combo Rooms on the Calendar

Combo rooms are rooms in your venue which can be broken down into smaller spaces (for more detailed information, see this article). By default, the grid and day views will only show member rooms; combos will not display even if they are selected. In this article, we'll walk you through how to set up your calendar view to view either the member rooms and combos, or just the combos.

  1. On the calendar day or grid view, click the filter_list filter icon to open the Filter Options slider.
  2. In the room list select the rooms you wish to view:
    • If you wish to see only the combos, select only the combos — no member rooms.
    • If you wish to see member rooms and combos, select both.
  3. Click Save when you are finished.

You may notice that you still only see the member rooms. To view the combos you'll need to update the display options as well.

  1. Click the storage display options icon to open the Display Options slider.
  2. Check Show Combo Rooms.
  3. Click Save.

Your calendar will now display the combos selected on the Filter Options slider. Events which have shaded lines on them are not booked directly in the room whose row you are viewing. If you have many combos, you may wish to turn on room in the display options to have the room which the event is booked in display in each event block.

Don't forget to save the changes to your view. If the view is locked, click the settings gear to open the details slider, then click the pencil to unlock the view and save your changes. Don't forget to lock your view again!

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