Set a Different Language for a User

System roles needed: System Admin

Accounts in VenueOps have a language setting that controls how the program is displayed for all of its users. However, there may be certain users that have access to the account who either don't speak or aren't fluent in the account's language. For cases like this, we allow System Admins to set individual users to override this account-wide language setting.

Only the application is translated. User data will appear as entered, whichever language that may be in.
  1. Click your name in the upper left.
  2. Click System Admin.
  3. Click person Users.
  4. Click the user you want to update the language for. This will open their details slider.
  5. In the slider, click the edit pencil icon to open the Edit User slider.
  6. Select the language the user would like to use from the Language Override field.
  7. Click Save.

That user will now see VenueOps in the selected language, no matter what the account's language is set to. If you ever need to bring a user back in line with the account's language, you can go back to the Edit User slider, click the clear clear icon in the Language Override field, and save. With the field empty, the user will again see VenueOps in the account's language.