Function Status

Function statuses allow you to track the progress for individual functions irrespective of the event's status. Functions can have one of three statuses:

  • Planning
  • Ready
  • Canceled

For example, you can set all the functions for an event to Planning and update them to Ready as they're detailed. You can also mark specific functions as Canceled instead of removing them from the event, allowing you to refer back to them later.

You can set a function's status when adding or editing it...

...from the function details slider...

...and from the function mass edit slider.

When functions are created, they will default to the Ready status. You can change this from the User Settings page. Each user has their own default function status setting. For more information, please see the full article.

The Operations page will only display functions that are Ready unless the other statuses are specifically selected in the filter options.

Canceled functions will not display in the Detailing > Functions tab of the event details page while the eye icon is crossed out. You can click the icon to toggle canceled functions visibility_off off and visibility on.

Similarly, the Functions tab of the summary slider will not show canceled functions by default. At the bottom of the list of functions, you can click Show Canceled Functions to see them.

You can filter the function list to only show certain statuses and adjust the columns to make function statuses more prominent. For more information about creating custom function list views, please see the full article.

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