Function Status

Function statuses allow you to track the progress for individual functions irrespective of the event's status. Functions can have one of three statuses:

  • Planning
  • Ready
  • Canceled

Our recommended workflow through the functions statuses is:

  • Create functions with the Planning status (this can be your account default). Add items, instructions, room diagrams, and other details. Functions with a Planning status will not appear on the Operations view unless specifically chosen.
  • Once a function has been fully detailed, set the status to Ready. If you have enabled Detail Change Tracking, changes to the function and details will now start to be tracked, and you can also send an email notification about changes to ready functions. These functions will also now appear in the Operations view.
  • If a function will no longer be happening, change the function's status to Canceled. This will retain the function for reference or billing, and also display as canceled when viewing changes in the Operations view. Note that if your account default status is Planning, we assume you are using this workflow and you will only be allowed to cancel Ready functions, not remove them.

Updating Function Status

Permissions needed: Detailing > Edit

You can set a function's status when adding or editing it via the Create Function or Edit Function sliders...

...from the function details slider Info tab...

...and from the function mass edit slider.

If you would like to set all functions to Ready, you can do that via the more_vert more info menu at the top of the detailing tab.

Viewing Functions by Status

Several pages in Elite allow you to filter functions by their status:

  • Event Details > Detailing Tab: Canceled functions are not shown by default, but function status filtering can be updated in the filter_list Filter Functions slider.
  • Function List: You can filter the function list to only show certain statuses and adjust the columns to make function statuses more prominent. For more information, please see the Create a Custom Function List View article.
  • The Operations page will only display functions that are Ready unless other statuses are specifically selected in the filter_list Filters slider.
  • Note that the Functions tab of the calendar summary slider will not display canceled functions.