Add an Invoice Schedule to an Event

Permissions needed: Edit Invoices

Invoice schedules allow you to create your deposit schedule as a template which is then applied to events. This schedule will simplify the process of creating your deposit invoices, as well as track deposit invoices which need to be issued for upcoming events. See this article for more information about creating an invoice schedule template.

To apply a template to an event:

  1. On the event's details page, go to Financials > Invoices. Click the plus by Invoice Schedules.
  2. Select the schedule template you would like to use.
  3. Select the account which will be billed for these deposits and the final invoice.
  4. Click Select Charges to select the charges which should be used to calculate the balance of the deposit.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The invoice schedule will be applied. Each installment is listed with its issue date, due date, and amount.
    • If the event's contract status is not set to Contract Signed, any installments based on After contract signed will not have issue or due dates. Update the event's contract status to set the dates.
    • If selected charges are updated (quantity, price, etc.) or removed, uninvoiced installments will update as well. If charges are added to the event, those charges will need to be added to the schedule.