Create an Ad Hoc Deposit Invoice

Permissions needed: Edit Invoices

Deposit invoices can be created ad hoc via the Create Invoice slider, or through an invoice schedule. For more information about creating them through an invoice schedule, see Use an Invoice Schedule.

  1. Click the plus by Invoices to open the Create Invoice slider.
  2. Add or update the general invoice information: account, billing contact, due date, purchase order (if needed), and document template.
  3. Check Deposit Invoice.
  4. Select the deposit type. More information is available about deposit types in Manage Deposit Types.
  5. Select whether this deposit is a percentage (based on the event's charges) or a flat deposit.
  6. Enter the percentage of charges or the flat amount of the deposit. The balance will calculate automatically.
  7. If the account has any payments or credits available for this event, they can be allocated. Once all information is complete, click Save.