Editing an Invoice Schedule

Permissions needed: Edit Invoices

You are able to edit an invoice schedule, updating percentages and other information as well as adding and removing installments. Installments that have already been invoiced cannot be edited. To edit an invoice schedule:

  1. Go to the event's details page.
  2. Click Financials.
  3. Click Invoices.
  4. Click the schedule header to open the Edit Invoice Schedule slider.
  5. On the slider:
    1. You can update the invoice schedule's name.
    2. You can add or remove charges.
    3. You can't update installments that have been invoiced.
    4. For uninvoiced installments, you can update the name, template, due date, deposit type, amount type, and amount/percentage (if flat or percentage). You can also remove installments that are no longer needed.
    5. If additional installments need to be added, you can click Add Deposit Installment to do so.
    6. The final installment can be edited like others, but it cannot be removed.
  6. When the necessary changes have been made, click Save.