Create a Custom Avails Header

Permissions needed: Edit Private Saved Views or Edit Shared Saved Views

Avails allow you to show a potential client or promoter your availability without revealing privileged information about specific events or clients, if you choose. You can customize avails calendar exports with a logo and up to four lines of text, including a header and sub-header. Your header can be saved to a custom view to be used again later.

To create a custom avails header,

  1. Click the filter_list filter icon in the upper-right corner of the calendar.
  2. The Avails Options slider will open, showing sections for Display Options, Export Options, and Rooms. This article will focus on the Export Options. For more information about the other options, please see Create a Custom Avails View.
  3. Under Export Options, enter the header and subheader information you want to include.
  4. Choose the logo and header position.
  5. Select Show Legend if you want it to display on the export. The legend displays samples of the colors used on the calendar and what they represent at the bottom of the export.
  6. Add a logo by clicking Upload Logo or drag and drop the file into the box. The recommended image size is 250 pixels wide x 100 pixels high.
    Each uploaded file must be 30 MB or less.
  7. Click Save.

The options you select can be saved to a custom avails view, so that whenever you export an avails calendar, you won't have to re-enter your information. For more information: