August 2020 Update - Client Payment Portal and PDF Preview

Would you like to see the new features in action? A recording of the preview webinar is embedded at the bottom of this page.


Client Payment Portal

VenueOps now allows you to enable online payments for unpaid invoices. You will be able to include the link to the payment portal with your invoice emails, or copy the link for an invoice to email it separately. For an overview of the feature and how to get started, please see this article.

PDF Preview

You will now be able to preview PDF documents in your browser rather than having to download them.

The documents can then be downloaded from the previewer. Some notes:

  • The previewer will be used with documents generated from templates and uploaded PDFs. Exports from the application (event lists, calendar exports, avails exports, etc.) will still download as before.
  • In Chrome and Firefox, the download option is in the header of the previewer. In Safari, hover at the middle bottom of the previewer and the download option will appear.
  • Phones and tablets will continue to handle documents the way they did previously.
    • If you are using VenueOps on an iPad with iPadOS 13, you will need to update your Safari settings so that the desktop version of VenueOps is not called. Please see this article for more information.
Logo and Header for Avails

You are now able to include your logo and other information on your avails.

The header logo and information are saved to avails custom views, so you can have as many headers as you wish - ones for different venues, or ones with contact information for different bookers. Please see this article for more information.

Some other avails improvements:

  • On the avails calendar, you will be able to list each hold separately via the new Show hold rank and type option.
  • List avails now have a simplified and a detailed view. Check the Show Detail option to toggle between the two.
  • The Show Legend option is now in the main Avails Options slider and will now be saved as part of the custom view.
Multiple Price Schedules

You are now able to assign more than one price schedule to an event:

This will reduce the burden of having to add all pricing to every price schedule and will allow departments (such as catering or AV) to create and maintain their own price schedules without having to coordinate with other departments.

Accounts & Contacts

We've added phone numbers and emails to accounts, and both accounts and contacts can have multiple emails and phone numbers.

Additional notes:

  • Phone and email types for contacts and accounts can be edited in the Sys Admin > Misc section. Types are optional.
  • Account phone numbers and emails are added on the Create Account slider or account details page.
  • When creating a contact inline (like when booking an event), only a primary email or phone number can be added; secondary ones are then added on the contact details page. They can also be added when creating a contact via the Create Contact slider.
  • All existing contact phone numbers and emails have been marked as primary.


  • Editing Booked Spaces: We've reworked the Edit Spaces slider.
    • You will be able to more easily change a booked space to a different room; simply click on the room name and select a different one.
      • Note that you will need to update the space on any associated functions via the function mass editor or the function's edit slider.
    • When removing rooms, they won't be immediately removed from the slider. Instead, they will remain but be greyed so you can confirm the change before saving.
    • You can now book the same room more than once on a day from this slider.
    • The booked space's year will now display.
    • We've also updated the chips: there's a Rooms chip at the top event level, a Times chip for each day, and all the chips and information are in the same order.
  • Finance and Invoice Schedule improvements
    • Previously, all deposit invoices on schedules were a percentage of charges. Invoice schedules now have a Flat installment type and a Remaining installment type. If you require payment of the event in full before the day of the event, the Remaining option is for you!
    • We will now "cross check" charge selection between ad hoc and schedule invoices. If charges are selected on one, they cannot be selected on the other.
    • In the invoice list, deposit invoices will be labeled as such.
    • When allocating payments to invoices, the blue arrow will now give you the option to allocate the invoice balance or the full remaining payment amount. This option will only appear if the payment is more than invoice balance.
    • We've added another level of invoicing permission, so there are now four:
      • View invoices
      • Create and edit invoices (the Edit Invoices permission)
      • NEW Send/mark invoices as sent. (Requires Edit permission)
      • Mark invoices as not sent. (Requires Edit + Mark as Sent)
    • Taxes can be specified for rooms, rather than on all spaces.
    • We can now reorder venues. Would you like the Theater listed above the Convention Center in your calendar grid or room selector? We can do it! Please have the admin on your account contact us and we'll take care of it for you!
  • Role Updates
    • Roles now have a description field where you can add notes about what permissions a specific role has.
    • You will also see a list of users who have that role, and you can edit the users on the role as well.
    • To accommodate the description and user list, roles now have a details slider; click the role to open it.
    • We've added a new invoicing permission level. Please see the Finance section above for more information.
  • Global Search Improvements
    • You can now search for functions by name or ID. Because of the large number of functions that some accounts have, this option will not be selected by default.
    • Search results will now be paginated to keep the search performing efficiently.
  • Small Tweaks
    • On the room selector slider, there is now a top level Select All so you can easily select all spaces across all venues on your account.
    • We've updated the file names of some downloads. Payment receipts and credit memos will be [template name]-[full unique ID].pdf. Estimates will be [template name]-[event name].pdf
    • When you copy booked space information to clipboard via the icon, the year of the booking will now be included. We've also cleaned up the formatting a bit.


  • Rental Rates: The ungrouped rooms section was missing the header.
  • The business classification field was not being fully hidden on the calendar summary slider on accounts that weren't using it.
  • Locked items were being updated when the event's price schedule was refreshed.
  • Tax exempt accounts were having part of their flat deposits allocated to taxes.
  • On the tasks page, tasks associated with events will be hidden based on the user's venue access.
  • The Inventory & Prices > Setup tab wouldn't scroll on smaller screens.
  • Recently viewed items will now sort by how recently you viewed them.
  • On Event Details > Overview, events with either large revenue amounts or a long currency symbol would not display correctly.
  • The edit item slider did not consider dates for items within the same event when giving stock alerts.
  • In the Calendar Display Options, we've updated the subtitle text on the function name and type options. It should now be clearer that the function name and type will appear for those functions which you've marked to appear on the calendar.
  • If your functions are outside the times their space is booked for, the warning will now be orange rather than red, since this is not a blocking warning.
  • The Avails Hold Count setting will now count events with multiple member rooms correctly when viewing combo room avails.

You can see features in action in the preview webinar. Want to skip to a specific feature? Click the chapters icon in the lower-right corner of the video.