How do I preview PDFs on an iPad?

If you are using VenueOps on an iPad with iPadOS 13, you will need to update your Safari settings to not request desktop websites in order to preview PDFs. Once this is done, your iPad will use the native Preview app rather than the one in VenueOps.

Why is this necessary? Every request your web browser makes to our servers includes the user agent. The user agent tells our servers what type of device you are using. This is how VenueOps knows to display the mobile calendar on your phone — the user agent on your phone identifies it as a phone. In iPadOS 13, however, the user agent is the same as the user agent for Macs, so our servers are unable to distinguish between iPads and Macs. Updating your settings as outlined below will resolve this issue.
  1. In Settings, go to Safari. Scroll down through the Safari settings in the right column and tap Request Desktop Website.
  2. Toggle All Websites to off.